Who Is Liable After A Tire Blowout Injury?

When it comes to a blowout injury it can be pretty difficult determining who is truly at fault. Figuring out who is truly at fault will allow you to figure out who is liable for any damages. When it comes to figure out negligence that can also be pretty difficult. There’s one way of thinking that says that a tire blowout injury could have the manufacturer of that tire liable for any kind of damages. The problem with that line of thinking is that it can be pretty difficult to prove that the manufacturer had anything to do with this type of accident. Only in cases where there has been a call back or when there has been some type of well-known manufacturing issue will this hold water.

In other cases it is far much more simpler. Often the case is that when your car has a blowout and you are the one who was handling that car, when you run into someone else and you cause an accident, when you cost injuries and damages you and your insurance provider are the ones who are negligent. We know that this is something that many people do not want to hear any want to be able to blame someone else. In some cases you can mitigate a lot of the damages to other causes. Because if you think about it a blowout is not something that you cost, it is just simply something that happened. So it is not about user error so a good attorney will be able to represent a person with this problem very well.

So the true answer to this question is that it really is a case-by-case thing. The scenario is what matters the most. Each case will be different and will be viewed under its own light. We know that because when it comes to this type of accident that the driver had no intention, they had no user error, that it is difficult to blame them beyond simply driving a car that had a blowout. So any amount of negligence that is ported their way will always be very minor. It is not like they were a bad driver, likely violated the law or anything like that. They are a victim within themselves, they are a victim of circumstance and whatever happened was not under their control.

So your best bet to find out who is liable is to get a well-qualified Worcester personal injury attorney. A well qualified attorney will be able to help you more so than anyone else. They’ll be able to take a look at your case and tell you what level of negligence and liability you might face. So find a qualified personal injury attorney today and have them help you figure out this problem. You also might find yourself to be the victim and you will need a personal injury attorney to allow you to figure out how liable and how negligent is the other party.

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